We can customize a session to your needs, whether it’s family health planning, 1-on-1, or together with a group you want to get healthy together.
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1-on-1 Adult Coaching

Want to make changes in your life, and actually keep them? Whether it’s to lose weight, feel better, have a clearer head, or harness your creativity, your goals can be reached. Together we can find out what’s blocking you so that you can live a free, happy and fulfilled life. You can have the life you dream of and I wil be there along the way to guide you.


Parent/Child Coaching

Kids’ behavior, health, and happiness depends on the food they eat. Today’s kids are growing up on sugar, processed foods, and very few whole foods, and their health is suffering. You can avoid chronic childhood diseases and illnesses by teaching them healthier habits. Some topics we can discus…picky eating, allergies, infant nutrition, healthy mindset, snackets….Healthy families = Happy Families.


Prenatal Coaching

Pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant? Make sure your body and mind are in the right state to create a beautiful healthy baby. What you eat matters!


Group Coaching

Do you have a group that would like to learn more about eating healthy with real food? Let us provide you with tips and tricks about getting back to the basics of healthy eating with your family.

Healthy Home Makeover

Changes in your life start with changes in your home! We can do an in-home assessment with practical recommendations to clean up your kitchen.

Grocery Tour

Learn how to find all the right foods and make healthy shopping fun and easy – all at your favorite local grocery store!