My Story

As a kid, I was obsessed with Romantic Comedies.  I truly believed that like the heroine I could too could have that happy ending.  And yes, I did have that fairy tale for me.  I met my husband, fell instantly in love, and we were married after a year.  We wanted to have kids right away, and we were so lucky that our dreams came true.  Within three years came our two sons and a daughter, each 22 months apart.  Everything came so easy, I never believed anything would be different.  

I knew to take folic acid when I was pregnant and not to eat sushi.  I knew we should eat organic and try to put some “green” on my kids’ plates every day. There was a movement about sneaking veggies into their food, but what about teaching them healthy habits? I wanted my kids to be as mainstream as possible, an I always said “everything in moderation.” I slowly started replacing most things in our house with organic, grass-fed, and gluten free, but outside the house, anything went.

But then my husband got sick with Lyme Disease. And my relationship with food started to change. I started to understand the “why” of eating certain foods and about the words inflammation, nightshades and food sensitivies. I learned how food really affects our bodies, but I was still reluctant to making real changes with my kids. They still ate Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast, and I still loved my dessert after each meal.

And then the big ball dropped my son was diagnosed with PANDAS, which is an autoimmune disease . So I did what any parent would do and I started learning how I could fix my son. But in doing so, I realized that I couldn’t fix him, but I could help relieve the symptoms, and by that we did a lot of food detoxing and supplements. But first I had to get my stubborn carb-loving, sugar addicted picky son on board! It’s been only 2 years and I can say there is no more Cheerios in our house and my kids choose steak and chicken, veggies and lentils now for meals. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it.

In changing my family, I have learned how our choice of food affects our body, emotions, hormones, and overall health and clarity. And when we are clear minded, that’s when real change can occur.